Goals for 2005

"Your in Iceland right? That's my next vacation spot, maybe I could come by and train while I'm there?

What do you mean by "next vacation spot"? For sure, I'll be quite offended if you visit Iceland and DON'T train with us ;) The country is at its most beautiful during july and june, although you're more than welcome here anytime. Hint, hint.

Well, when I book my trip I'll let you know. Hey, can I have your email, I want to ask you something Jonpall.

live deliberately

  1. Try to improve my boxing and clinching skills
  2. Try to balance my ma training with college

Get better at takededowns
Get better at boxing and kickboxing too
Improve my open guard game.
Get better escpaes in the mount
Train more kali and jkd concepts.

Have a good new year