GOAT road trip game

I invented this game with my roommate and I want to share it with my brothers here..

Its called: "Fuck you, just kidding"

The premise of the game is simple- To fuck with other motorists. There is a point system based on hair type and race. The rules are as follows:

You must lock eyes with the intended target and mouth the words "Fuck you" with your serious face then immediately wave your hands, smile and mouth "just kidding".

Point system:
Brunette/Black 10
Blonde 20
Redhead 30
Unnatural 40
Grey/White 50

Bald people are 100 points

Race bonus:
Whites 0 bonus points
Hispanics 10
Asians 20
Blacks 30

A police officer of any hair color or race is an auto-win.

Remember not to play FYJK in your own neighborhood and have fun gentlefucks. Phone Post

Fuck you.

.....wait for it

...wait for it

...no seriously, fuck you

just kidding

sicko - just kidding

^future hall-of-famer Phone Post