GOAT Sports Families

Alright OG, who are the GOAT Families of Sports? The true sport dynasties that span multiple siblings or generations?
-Matthews Family-
1st Generation
Clay Sr (Played a few seasons for the Niners in the 50's)
2nd Generation
Bruce (HoF, 14x Pro Bowl, 10x All Pro)
Clay II (4x Pro bowl, 3x All Pro)
3rd Generation
Clay III (4x Pro bowl, 2x All Pro, 1 Def POTY, 1 Super Bowl)
Then you still have Casey and Kevin who have seen NFL playing time, and Jake and Mike still in college.
-Manning Family-
1st Generation
Archie (2x Pro Bowl, 1x All Pro, 1x NFC Off-POTY)
2nd Generation
Peyton (12x Pro bowl, 6x 1st Team All Pro, 3x 2nd Team All Pro, 7x AFC OFF-POTY, Super Bowl MVP, 1 Super Bowl)
Eli (3x Pro Bowl, 2x Super Bowl, 2x Super Bowl MVP)
-Barber Family-
Ronde (5x Pro Bowl, 3x All Pro, 1x Super Bowl, 1x INT Leader, Only Member of 40/20 Club)
Tiki (3x Pro Bowl, 3x All Pro, 10,449 Rushing yards, 5,183 Receiving yards)
-Richard Family-
Maurice (HoF, 8x Stanley Cup, 8x 1st Team All Star, 6x 2nd Team All Star)
Henri (HoF, 11x Stanley Cup, 2x 1st Team All Star, 1x 2nd Team All Star)
As a family: GP 2234 / G 902 / A 1109 / P 2011 / PIM 2213 / 19x Stanley Cups
-Howe Family-
1st Generation
Gordie (HoF, 23x All Star, 12x 1st Team All Star, 4x Stanley Cup Champ, 6x Art Ross, 6x Hart Trophy, tons of records until 99 came around)
Vic (played parts of a couple seasons in the NHL)
2nd Generation
Mark (HoF, 4x All Star, 3x 1st Team All Star, 1x Plus/Minus)
Marty (played multiple season in the NHL)
As a family: GP 2926 / G 1003 / A 1628 / P 2630 / PIM 2249 / 4x Stanley Cups
-Mahovlich Family-
Frank (HoF, 6x Stanley Cup, 1x Calder, 15x All Star, 3x 1st Team All Star, 6x 2nd Team All Star)
Peter (4x Stanley Cup, 16 year career)
As a family: GP 2065 / G 821 / A 1055 / P 1876 / PIM 1972 / 10x Stanley Cups
-Sutter Family-
1st Generation
Brent (18 year career, 2x Stanley Cup, 3x Canada Cup, All Star)
Brian (12 year career, 3x All Star)
Darryl (8 year career, 1x Stanley Cup as a coach)
Duane (11 year career, 4x Stanley Cup)
Rich (13 year career)
Ron (18 year career)
2nd Generation
Brett (played one full season in the NHL, and bits of two others)
Brandon (4 year career)
As a family: GP 5365 / G 1385 / A 1680 / P 3065 / PIM 7319 / 7x Stanley Cups
-Alomar Family-
1st Generation
Sandy Sr. (14 year career, .245 Avg, 1,168 Hits, 282 RBI, 1x All Star)
2nd Generation
Sandy Jr. (19 year career, .274 Avg, 112 HR, 588 RBI, 6x All Star, RoY)
Robert (HoF, 16 year career, .300 Avg, 2,724 Hits, 210 HRs, 1,135 RBI, 12x All Star, 2x World Series, 4x Silver Slugger, 10x Gold Glove)
-DiMaggio Family-
Joe (HoF, 13 year career, .325 Avg, 2,214 Hits, 361 HR, 1,537 RBI, 13x All Star, 9x World Series, 3x AL MVP, 56-game hitting streak)
Dom (11 year career, .298 Avg, 1,680 Hits, 618 RBI, 7x All Star)
Vince (10 year career, .249 Avg, 125 HR, 584 RBI, 2x All Star)
-Griffey Family-
1st Generation
Ken Sr. (18 year career, .296 Avg, 152 HR, 859 RBI, 3x All Star, 2x World Series)
2nd Generation
Ken Jr. (22 year career, .284 Avg, 2,781 Hits, 630 HR, 1,836 RBI, 13x All Star, 10x Gold Glove, 7x Silver Slugger, 1x AL MVP, 1x AL RBI Champ, 4x AL HR Champ)
-Bonds* Family-
1st Generation
Bobby (13 year career, .268 Avg, 332 HR, 1,024 RBI, 3x All Star, 3x Gold Glove)
2nd Generation
Barry* (22 year career, .298 Avg, 762 HR*, 2,935 Hits, 1,996 RBI, 14x All Star, 8x Gold Glove, 12x Silver Slugger, 7x NL MVP)

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Gracie Family

....too much to list...

The Mayweathers
Floyd Jr., 9 time division world champion over 5 weight classes, current Ring Magazine pound for pound #1,Undefeated 44-0. 1996 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Floyd Sr., 1970s–1980s contender, former trainer of Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Chad Dawson and others

Jeff, 1990s contender, Floyd Sr.'s brother

Roger, 2 time division world champion,
Floyd Sr.'s brother, Floyd Jr.'s Trainer Phone Post 3.0

Klitchko's Bros as well for Boxing I'd say.

More NHL: Bobby Hull / Brett Hull

alley - More NHL: Bobby Hull / Brett Hull

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The Tuiasosopo's

They're like the Gracies of all sports, only with brown belts. Phone Post


The Staal brothers

Phil and Tony Esposito

Tennis -

Venus and Sorena Williams

Boxing -

Muhammad and Laila Ali

Technically Brent Gretzky and Wayne combine for most points by brothers, but Brent only played in 13 games and only 4 points.

Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk

Only one generation so far, but...

Jon Jones
Arthur Jones
Chandler Jones Phone Post 3.0

Anderson Silva, Thiago Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Erick Silva



KickYoNuts -

Anderson Silva, Thiago Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Erick Silva



This. The Silva's own MMA. Phone Post



Theres fuckin six of em!

In rugby the Tuilagi's there are bloody loads if them! Phone Post

Adam and Buvaisar Saitiev in wrestling. 12 Gold medals between them at the world level(World Championships and Olympics).