DC is the GOAT

beat me to it

He really learned a lot from those fights with Jones. He use that eye poke to set up the right hand really well.

Jon Jones is the GOAT

Jones disagrees

He got knocked out and beaten soundly by another man twice.

He’s a great fighter, top tier, but not GOAT.

Jon Jones can't keep his fucking belt,  DC has 2

I always had Fedor as the goat because of the epic dominance of his run and prime for prime I think Fedor is the best fighter ever.

But ranking careers? Have to say DC at this point. 0 legit losses that were to a non cheating, steroid abusing piece of shit. 2 division champ. Huge names on his record.

And a good guy on top of everything. Very happy for him and the sport of MMA.

Outstanding fighter and one of the best but as much as I hate to say it Jon Jones is the GOAT.