Gobble gurus turkey up your best cooking methods

I’m am the chosen one this year, I’ve never cooked a turkey before and don’t wanna screw this up

So what’s the best way cock a perfect turkey ?

Cut off the turkey head, pull some of the neck skin back, cleaver off some of the neck.  Put your cock where the head was, then pull the turkey neck over your cock like a foreskin.

Cook it for about 5 or 6 hours at 250 depending on the size. Salt pepper on the bird, garlic onions celerey carrots in the pan with a cup of water

Thats like basic turkey 101. I like to whiz up garlic cloves, rosemary, salt, pepper, little chili powder for colour into a food processor. Make that into a paste and rub it all over and under the skin. Also I like cooking the bird upside down because theres way more fat in the dark meat and gravity pulls it down into the drier breast meat.

We've had ourst soaking in brine in the vegetable drawer for a week. let me tell you, going to get a snack at 3am and opening the veggie drawer by accident and finding a fleshy corpse of a coprophage looking back at you is...offputting to say the least.


Throw it away and cook a ham. Done