God bless you Lord?

Who is a fighter who always talks about the Lord in the Ring?

all of them

who cares

does "God bless you Lord" even make sense? aren't they the same person/entity?

 God bless God.

 is praying the same as juicing? if it works...... is it an unfair advantage?

Most people pray to have special powers.

"God bless God"

- Brock "Cock Chestnar" Lesnar


^ It might be wrong to laugh at that... but I did. I just couldn't help it.

ITweakRashad'sNips -  

 The expression is priceless.  Did you do that romo?

Nah.  Can't remember who did.

HarlemSavoy -  the romo is great. The laughing at something that is funny can't be bad... 

God has to have a sense of humor if he created half the people who troll here....

 if there is a god.............he/she/it DEFINATELY has a sense of humor. otherwise nothing would make sense-MM