God Bless

God bless, Holyground. I've enjoyed the Catholic-Protestant debates, and learning about other faiths.

Pastor S, Helwig, DonnaTroy, JoshuaB, Joe Ray: our conversations have been great.

You're all in my prayers. Peace.

hope you aint splitting bmac

the rev

Later man.

God Bless you brother, I hope all is well. e mail me at sherm15n@wmconnect.com if you'd like.

yours in Christ


God bless you, BMac. :-)

yah dont leave man....joshwah@hotmail.com

first stkolbe and now Bmac??!! the catholics are fleeing in droves.

yours in Christ


I don't blame them at all. Theirs is the only church we're allowed to bash and not feel guilty about it. Kind of like white males.

I have stuck up for the Catholic church on many occasions. I felt the Cahtolics here have stuck up for themselves very well, and didn't feel the need to "protect" them. There has been attacks on other sects as well on here.

I would really like to talk to you Bmac so please email me at pinnedagain@cs.com, if someone knows his email will you forward this to him


I will forward it for you Rev.

When did StKolbe leave? Any clues why?

TH, Catholic & lurker

hackett, I conversed with him by e mail the other day. he said it was just taking up too much of his time.

yours in Christ


Oh. Thanks.