God I can't wait to train again!!!

Ok, I'm getting tired of not training!!!!! I can't wait until my shoulder heals!!!!!

I know how you feel, its been over a year since I have trained in a gym..... :(

it sucks man.


I just started going stir crazy for the first time last night. So far the couple of weeks off have been ok. TexasThai- a year?!!!!Why? What has kept you out that long?

Raspado, actually my life kinda took a turn for the worse this past year, I was out of work almost the whole year, I tried my hand in a few things but nothing panned out, or just wasn't enough money.

So not having money that contributes alot to it, but also just moving around alot, like I said, I worked for the same place for almost 6 years, got fired in january and since then, life just hasn't been that kind too me.

but I am ON MY FEET NOW!! Living in Lakeland, and I just got a job offer to an Assistant Manager at the AmeriSuites at the Lakeland Center, I am really excited about it and I pray I get the job, the job I have now currently is good, but that is my ideal place to work.

So sorry for the long post, but just like you I have been training since 2001 and this last year, year and half I lost site of alot of things, but again, I am doing everything I can to stay above water.

I hope your shoulder heals up quick man.


My wittle shoulder has an owwie...Dude, man-up and rub some dirt in it! I'll be BACK MONDAY! The Monkey is BACK and is looking to take the BACK!

TexasThai, you gotta take care of yourself first and foremost, before you can take care of others and think about training. We've all been in a similar spot and for most thank goodness, it's only temporary! Glad things are getting better for you. Keep your chin up man! One of these days we'll have to meet at a tournament or something.

Push--thanks man, and keep your homo-erotic fantasies to yourself.

Monkey--can't wait to get on the mat with you BITCH! :)



Raspado, thank you man for the kind words, things are getting better  for me, the only way they can get 100% better is if I strat training again.

when I was kickboxing Mike Bell for all those years, everytime I step into the gym, I FORGET about everything, all the bullshit, all the non sense, the world as I know it then, only conisists of me and the people I was training with.

I never thought about anything else and actually when I was training 4-5 days a week with him, shit man, I felt that I could handle any "worldly" issues.

So now that I am getting back on track, training is at the top of my list of things to do.

Especially man, if I get this job at the Lakeland Center *crosses fingers* its real close to downtown, which is close to the HPM guys, so they would literally be within walking distance of me man......


I'll send some good thoughts your way TexasThai.  As stupid as this sounds, my uncle told me once, success is like your shadow, if you chase after it, it eludes you; if you just move ahead, it follows.  Just keep moving ahead man, you will get there!

thats awsome Raspado, thanks bro.