God is an Artist...

I just want to say that after my drawing and geography class semester, I am starting to think that God is an artist. He seperated light from darkness, created lucifer, created the heavens, the earth, and people. He does this because he is a creater, and artist. He did this the same reasons a painter paints.

What blows my mind is this, there are neanderthals right. And they show both animal and human characteristics. I used to look at neanderthals as part of the evolution process from Monkeys to humans but scientists also argue that they are not related to us humans but a seperate group. WHAT!?!? Every they are a seperate group, and carry human characteristics. So there are another intelligent being? Okay if this can happen once why not again? It is as if when God was making people he did it more than once until he got his end product.

God is indeed an artist, and we are made in his image. Our creativity should be expressed in all of its various ways, as we learn about our creator in the process.

the rev