God = Pro-Wrestling Promoter?

I saw an interview with Hulk Hogan recently, and he talked about some of the jokes wrestlers and promoters would play.

A popular trick was to give each wrestler in the match a different finish. Ie. Each guy would be told that he was supposed to win. Thus in the ring they would end up fighting all-out, since each guy was convinced that the other guy was supposed to go down for him - and they no doubt assumed that the opponent was just being belligerent (as happens in wrestling sometimes, when one guy has too much ego and is unwilling to job to the other).

Wouldn't it be really funny if God was doing the same thing? If he's telling each religion that they're the correct one, just so he can laugh as he watches us squabble? :-)

PS. If religions are pro-wrestlers, is Islam Abdullah the Butcher? We'd probably have to be a hardcore wrestler. Maybe Cactus Jack... Judaism might be Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan, since it's got more antiquity to its credit than the other major faiths. What about the others?

lol, that is funny stuff. i've actually thought the same, but not in terms of pro-wrestling.

wouldnt Judaism be Bill Goldberg?

Christianity-The Rock

yours in Christ


wouldnt Judaism be Bill Goldberg?Goldberg has no talent, yet has enjoyed great success. If anything he's more like the mass-market, Hollywood version of kabbalah.

but he's jewish

yours in Christ


Not only is Bill Goldberg Jewish but if anyone caught his skit on "The Man Show"...'Hanukka With Bill Goldberg' you were sure to get a laugh! Black boots, black trunks black Kepa. They lit candles and he spun Adam and the other guy around like dradles! Sorry to those who don't like Goldberg but I do and I thought that was hilarious! Ha!


Yea, I think this is how its going. I mean how can 5 billion people all think God is talking to them, and saying they are right, unless he is telling them ALL they they are right.