God the NFC is a JOKE

I cannot even believe how much of a joke the NFC is, to have teams that are 5-7 and still in playoff contention is just simply sad, and it doesn't matter who out of the NFC gets to the Super Bowl, they will get the shit kicked out of them by whichever team in the AFC makes it. The conferences play two totally different styles of football. The top teams in the AFC play a style of football that relies on the run, mixed in with a passing attack that can get yards when needed, they also play much better defense in the AFC, with teams like NE, Pit, SD, Denver, NYJ, and so on that on any given day can shut any team down cold.

The NFC, at least the better teams in the NFC kill me. While fun to watch, the Eagles get into serious trouble whe they are forced to run the ball and play defense, if Green Bay can't get the running game going they are not a very good team. Atlanta is the the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde team of the division. The Atlanta team that came into Denver and turned Vick loose as far as being able to run when things aren't there for him to throw are a very dangerous team, when they make him stand in the pocket they suck. Minnesota's defense is horrible at best, and Seattle would be good if their receivers could catch the ball, their defense wasn't banged up and they used ALexander (whom I feel is still one of the most underated players in the game) more often. I am sad to say that the "Super Bowl" will be played in the AFC title game.


The same statement could have been made during the 2001 season, with NFC and AFC reversed. We saw how that turned out.

While I agree that the NFC lacks the quantity of very good teams that the AFC has, Steve has a great point. In 2001 the Rams were supposed to crush the Pats, and we saw how that turned out. The fact is you are a fool if you think both teams in the Super Bowl don't have a chance to win.

For reference, check out the 1968 season in which the Baltimore Colts were 13-1 and averaged scoring 28 points a game while allowing 10. In case you didn't know, they didn't win the Super Bowl.

For a more modern reference, check out the '98 Minnesota Vikings. They were 15-1. They broke the record for points scored. They never even made the Super Bowl.

The NFL is littered with situations like this.

Let me add fuel to the fire....

The Redskins, who are 4-8, if they win out the year have a VERY VERY GOOD chance of winning a wildcard berth, due to tie-breakers. Granted, the chances of them beating Philly this weekend are slim.... VERY slim, but it is possible with their defense and improved offense.

If they beat Philly, they can beat the Cowboys, Niners, and Vikings. If they manage to pull it off, they will at 8-8 be in position to be a wild card team. Most of the other teams in contention for a wild card are all playing against one another over the remainder of the season, making the Redskins odds even better if they can simply get past the Eagles.

Scary, huh?

I am not saying that there haven't been times in the past that the AFC was pretty bad, I am just saying that this year in particular the NFC is horrible. Probably the worst conference I have seen in decades.


"Probably the worst conference I have seen in decades."

It's statements like these, with no factual merit, that make people look like fools.

Let's take a look at 1989.

The AFC playoff teams were: Pittsburgh (9-7), Houston (9-7), Buffalo (9-7), Cleveland (9-6-1), Denver (11-5)

Keep in mind, this is when only 5 teams made the playoffs not 6. KC would have been the 6th team with an 8-7-1 record.

The NFC that year had two 10-6 teams and one 9-7 team NOT make the playoffs.

Not to discredit your arguement, but that was a completely different time, free agency wasn't the all the rage that it is today. Not to mention that I think my arguement was that this year the NFC is the most pathetic division I have ever seen in football. Right now there are teams in the NFC with losing records that have shots at the playoffs, we very may well see an 8-8 team get into the playoffs this year. The NFC this year has to go down as one of, if not the worst conference in football.


An 8-8 team getting in is more of an indication that there is a larger separation between the 'elite' and the 'competetive', when there are teams like Philly and Atlanta that will in all likelihood finish with 12+ wins. Whoever wins the NFC North will have to get 10, or maybe win out for 11. So an 8-8 team getting the last WC spot isn't a huge deal.

Four 9-7 teams getting in shows a top-to-bottom weakness.....especially since it was only 5 teams. Presumably, a sixth spot would have gone to either another 9-7 team, or an 8-8 team.

However, I do agree that the AFC is the better conference this year. Even with Miami and Cleveland.


the BOTTOM LINE IS AFC OWNS NFC like a joke....period this year

u sir are correct