Godsey's return: 5/6!!!!!

Jason Godsey will be making his return to fighting on 5/6 in the Butte Brawl. Jason will be facing submission expert Roy Nelson. Best of luck to my friend and mentor(and the guy who beats me up in practice. lol.).

What up man, its Jared (Ivey's buddy) Its been a while.

TTT for Godsey, and Camp

damn, that's a tough comeback fight.

good luck.

TTT for Jason! Wish I could be there for that one!!

ttt for Jason Godsey, one of the best in the sport!

ttt for a Midwest legend

timmy is correct!

How old is Godsey?


Rough em up Jason!

I wish Jason good luck.

I hope he's recaptured that killer instinct, because it looked like it was missing in a few fights I've seen.

age is a number, and with his conditioning it don't apply to Godsey!

Camp see you in june buddy...keep thowing bombs ill be around 275 when i get down there

Herc-will do brother. My goal is 265 by June. drink lots of coffee! lol.