Going back to Eden

Apparently all of my pleading, all of my encouragement, all of my yelling, was unnecessary all we need to do to make the Holyground what it was always meant to be is change the name.

"Although a name change and a fresh start are really only symbolic, there is a lot to be said for doing it anyway. The HG was in fact meant to be something different and it failed to meet that expectation. A new religion ground would belong to everyone who frequents mma.tv and would be exactly what it was meant to be."

well thats easy, mods, go to Kirik right away and get him to change the name.


Apparently the Holyground only belongs to me.


By all means change the name, but you are full of shit when it comes to my power here. I have not instructed Kirik to do one thing since I renounced my power, nor will I. You rip into Rooster, and its okay, I make one comment about you, that you agree with one hundred percent but don't like what you perceive is my attitude, and you crack the shits and threaten to leave, and call for a name change. Fine, change the name, I don't care at all. In fact ask me to leave, I will go gladly.


Come on brothers, relax.

Don't change the name. Holiness is the ultimate goal of life and the ultimate web site for ultimate fighting championship fans needs to recognize that if only in some small way.

HolyGround forever!

Bah. Not all religions teach "holiness".

cherry, I think they all do. Holiness means being different. The best example of what it means is like your special suit, or your fancy dishes, they are set apart for "special occasions" that is the idea of holy, set apart. And all religions teach that in one way or another.


Not that I care about the name change, go ahead and change the name if it makes people feel better.


So like I have said from the start, this whole thing is about me. Tell you what, I will leave and you can call it whatever you want, I mean now Zealott is saying the fact that I am a missionary is intimidating as well. So I am not allowed to speak my mind, but everyone else is.

what a nuetral forum this will be, for everyone but me.


I think I know what you mean rev. I was referring to the pious, sanctified,
snobbish holy people that nobody likes.

Dear G-d!

This is what we have to fight about. May this be the biggest problem any of us has in life, my our health, wealth, education and status be such that the name of an internet forum be what gets us upset. Honestly, between my 2 jobs and my 3 classes, this place could be called worshipping a dead dog's penis- if you all hung out there, I'd swing by for a visit.


I want to change mine to worshipping a dead dog's penis ground

I'll see what I can do ;)

Rev, Buddhism in particular is quite adverse to the holy, it's proponents stress the average, the ordinary, the normality of seeking self knowledge. For example, it is said zen can be conveyed thusly: When hungry, eat, when tired, sleep.

Taoism is called the Middle Way, they aim to not be too extreme, live an ordinary life taking things as they come and reacting naturally.

Admittedly some Buddhists are kind of Buddha 'worshippers'.