Going scorched earth at work this morning

You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up in an ill mood already and then walk into work and everything is turned on it’s head because of laziness and incompetence? This place is trashed and not how I left it when I came in on Sunday to make sure everything was good for the people who worked yesterday(which I had off). I went out of my way to come in here and make sure I didn’t leave any issues for the people who had to work but those lazy fucks can’t do the same. I’ve been nice about this far too many times and they are all getting their final warning and after this there will be write ups, probation periods and pay will be docked $1.00/hr for at least 90 days. Just had to rant a little so I don’t lose my cool on these incompetent lazy fucks.


Did someone forget to clean the fry hopper?


Since there is a worker shortage in many industries I’m sure this is the right plan of action. Writing people up is one thing but cutting their wages is enough to get a mutiny going.


That’s how it works here. If you get a second write up your pay is docked for the length of your probation. They all know this because they all have been written up before. I’ve been nice about this for months but the things they are doing is going to get me in trouble at this point and I’m not getting in trouble because of other people’s laziness.

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I never write anyone up either. I actually get in trouble for giving them too many chances. I don’t want to write anyone up but it seems that’s the only way they will start doing what they are supposed to. Hell if the owner saw that they left a 35,000 dollar forklift outside all night with the key in it where someone could have drove off in it he would lose his fucking mind and would be much more harsh than me.


shit is going down at the ole glory hole today


You know it’s a good one when they need a forklift to move all the cleaning chemicals.

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OP “writing up” people…

what OP sees moments after they get their notice…

They also left 2 $30,000 dingos outside with the keys in them and $10,000 worth of attachments for it.

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What kind of work ?

One of the guys at worked crashed the fuck out of a machine that runs like a half million dollars the other day. lol


By god you work in a warehouse and the people there are dumb!?


Sounds like my girlfriend complaining about the John Deere factory in Dubuque, IA while she worked there. Just utter incompetence. Its not their equipment, nor their money invested in it…

Go make $15/hour flipping burgers at McDonalds you lazy fucks!!

I was under the impression docking pay is illegal. Maybe it’s just my state.

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This is illegal if you’re in the US.

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Listen pal, dont you be trying to tell Mojo what he can and cant do. He wipes his ass with your “laws”.

Get them mojo! You dont deserve this shit. And if you get fired, or need a place to lay low while the heat cools off, you are welcome in my home any day!