Going to Boston. What do?

Faneuil hall Phone Post 3.0

Ham and Egger - Put on a Yankees cap and head to Dorchester.
Lol Phone Post 3.0

Take the drive to providence town Phone Post 3.0

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Go to McGreevy's Pub right on Boylston St , Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphy s owns the place . I highly recommend it

Good beer bars: Deep Ellum, Publick House, Mead Hall, Cambridge Brewing Company, Lord Hobo, Stoddard's, The Independent. Phone Post

Thanks for the tips! Phone Post 3.0

Excellent cuisine.
Try Tsar's Pressure Cooker.
Every bite explodes with flavor. Phone Post

Go hit up Ristorante Limoncello in the North End and get the Mediterranean lasagna with a side of mamma's meatballs. Your welcome.

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It's like my favorite place. I've been wanting to go all summer but haven't had the time or money. Go, do it for me.

Most libraries have free tickets Phone Post

Wait, what? Explain!

My local library has a pass that lets up to four people in for $7 each. Phone Post

You must live near or around Boston, because my local library doesn't have anything like that. :(