Going to Brazil need advice

Hey guys,

Going to Brazil for about 3.5 months from the start of May and was looking for some insight for places to train/stay/visit...

Also a word on places not to train/stay/visit could be good too :-)

Help me Obi-Forum Kenobi, you are my only hope....


Is there a FAQ thread anywhere?? Any good websites for general info??


thanks guys.

looking at spending at least some time in ipanema. heard it is one of the safer/nicer places in brazil.

sao paulo is of some interest but know little about it outside the bjj element.

any advice is welcome.


Ipanema is awesome. I just went with my instructor and some buddies about 2 weeks ago. Lucky you for going for 3.5 months. I was only there for a few days and am already planning my next trip.

The training was pretty intense. I thought it was awesome. During the day go to the beach...get a lounge chair, umbrella, sip a pina colada out of a fresh cut pineapple and get a massage while watching all of the thongs pass you by. Go to a nice churascaria, and party at night. Like I said...you will have a great time.


actually will be in the us (i am from melbourne, australia) for a month from the start of april, then onto brazil for the next 3 months or so. i could actually be staying longer except my gf who is coming needs to get back to work.

a couple guys from my club have been to brazil and stayed at ipanema, trained at yogis. said it was great. i believe alliance is near by too?


double post

I was there with Chopper (Dave C) in 2004 - you should ask him about things as he did a whole lot more than just BJJ.

Jason Berman

ipanema is cool..

brasa has a school there, formerly master/alliance

I just moved back to the states after 6 months in Ipanema. Dont go to Sao Paulo if your just going to Brazil to train and for culture. Ipanema is sandwiched inbetween the Lagoa (beautiful) and post 7-12 on the beach (actually Arporador, Ipanema, Leblon but their basically the same neighborhood) BTTs main headquarters is right there. I trained there and really enjoyed it. Best nogi in Brazil (imo) Brasas school is at the end of Ipanema close to Copacabana. Medhi Judo is right in the middle of Ipanema. Ipanema`s great. Lots of women, good public transportation, its safe, and close to the beach and lagoa. If money is an issue it can be a little expensive, similar to living in the midwestern US (which is not that expensive) Look for your apartment in the classifieds of O Globo, it will be about 200US cheaper a month than on the internet. Have fun and make sure you become a regular at post 9 on the weekends.

ya posto 9 is really where its at..

post 9?

Ipanema, go to Alexandre Paivas!Produced alot of top BJJ fighters like Terere, Leo Leite, and Haroldo Bunn. Plus theres a dude who teaches natural gymnastics there and alot of chicks go to the gym downstairs!

post 9?

The beaches are market by post. Post 1-12 starting at Leme in Copa through the end of Leblon. If you do end up at post 9 Its pretty much legal to $moke and there are so many women everywhere youll have a neck ache when you leave. Nice place in the world.

flowslo & BALEIA,

i am going for the jits. i heard there was an alliance school around there. makes life a lot easier if you think it is not worth going to sao paulo.

was thinking about doing some training with jacare but apparently he is a 6 day bus ride each way out into the jungle...?

looking at training mostly gi at this stage, but who knows. hard to pass up the the oppotunity to train with sperry and bustamante.


do you know who trains at the alliance school you mentioned?



Ipanema is nice, Barra is awesome to stay at, but stay away from Gracie
Barra, nothing but attitude besides a couple of the guys, besides the
fact that half of the people there have "ring worm" the size of apples!!!
Clubs to go to: Baronette (Ipanema), Bombar (Barra) you'll like those if
you can get rid of your girl form the night;) Just slip some laxatives in
her food so she won't want to go, LOL!!!!
Don't flag cabs from the street, have the hotel people get you a service
with pre stander rates, same at the airport, cab drives in Brazil are
fucked up and they WILL try to rip you off in most cases unless you
know what you're doing.
If you can go to "Centaurus" in Ipanema, DO NOT bring your girl if you
go, you'll see the most beutifull women in Brazil there (for about
$100US you can bang them to;)
You'll love Brazil, people are friendly, food is great and the beach is the
I think Brasa would be the best choice for you.

Have fun

hey hostile,

thanks for the advice. i was expected the "don't take your girl to brazil" thing sooner or later. but you haven't seen my gf ;-) i am not surprised to hear the taxi drivers will rip you off given the chance.

ring worm doesn't sound appealing at all.

i get the impression ipanema and barra are quite close?


De La Riva has his academy in Ipanema. Lots of purple to black belts there for such a tiny place. You have a lot of options and I wouldnt limit it to one place - explore your options! Sao Paulo has Marcelo Garcia at Fabio Gurgels school, as well as Leozinho and the Braza guys. It is the 3rd or 4th largest city in the world, so it's not like there isnt anything to do there. If you want to go out during the week, Sao Paulo is where its at.

paiva is in ipanema and is alliance. he has an excellent school with good players.. he doesn't always teach there. .... last time i was there he taught like 3X per week but that might have changed.

The other school is brasa, which used to be alliance. there are a lot of english speakers who train there and their credentials are excellent (comprido-world champ, ricardinho-world champ, felipe costa-world champ, and many, many other decent players. ) I would recommendyou go there if you want a younger, more nontraditional jiujitsu.

Paiva is good on basics and is pretty much orthodox jiujitsu for sure.

There is also an Alliance school in leblon run by fabio gurgel's brother, magrao. He trains very early in the morning and is a super nice guy. I don't know what the training is like but it is in a judo school. From the beach in leblon, walk up rua aristides to the next intersection and take a right. You will see a judo school on the second floor and this is where that alliance school trains.

"i get the impression ipanema and barra are quite close? "


 depends on the traffic, in rushhour it could take more then an hour by car, with less traffic only 20-25 minutes.