going to Brazil

Im going on my first trip to Brazil in April. Any sujesting as where to go and train while there. And what hotel or living arangements to make. Also what part of Brazil to stay at.

screw the training , surf ....then train.

good luck with customs

i went in august for 15 days. email me at akpom@usc.edu and i'll answer any questions.

Have fun

don't do this:


forget the surf and the training.. they got some hot women up in there.

I think that you should stay in the Rocinha it is by
far the nicest section of rio for americans. Ask
anyone and they will tell you.

divinemind is, of course, bsing you.......Rocinha is a very, very tough area for Brazilians, much less Americans.......

watch the AIDS, man. Wrap the fucker up before you go stabbing away.