going to court tomorrow.

first time eva.

gonna puke.

Wait to puke until you get to court.  Much bigger impact, IMO.

somehow i dont' think that's the memory i'm going to want to have when i look back on my first hearing. although under other circumstances i can see how it would be funny. like, if it weren't me.

Hey, have some damn consideration!  What's important here is that it would be funny for us.

Good luck.

Ok, so plans changed at the last minute, and we continued the hearing for a couple of weeks. I almost passed out standing up there, but managed to stumble my way through it.

As luck would have it though, when I gave the court clerk a business card out of the stack that I'd brought with me, the one card I handed her was blank--it had a firm logo on it, but nothing else! No "Xtina, esq." nothing. Blank card. She held it up to the packed courtroom and announced: "This is not a business card!" I was mortified.

Stupid card company. :(

She held it up to the packed courtroom and announced: "This is not a business card!"

You should have immediately shot in for a double leg takedown.  Any self-respecting lawyer would have.

I would have, but the jury box wall was in the way, and I was wearing a skirt. Otherwise I would have jumped it, and it would have been ON.

Yes, the courtroom was so full that they made lawyers sit in the jury box.

Your retort: "Yes it is you stupid cunt."

You will be surprised how smoothly it will go. Anything well dreaded is half done.

Sigh. I don't want to go back. This whole "court" thing is way too stressful.

Perhaps I should have gone into corporate instead...


What kind of case are you trying?

I'll tell you all about it in two weeks.

Fair 'nuff

I was the Defendant my first time in Court.

My first time in Court, I saw my brother's friend. He said: Oh they got you too !?

You will be fine. I was still in law school when I did my first jury trial. I did and internship at a prosecutors office and from day 2 I was part of the regular rotation. Scary as hell, but I survived. You will too. Best of luck Xtina

topless will help the case as well. j/k

Don't forget the jury will have no idea it's your first case. My first time before a jury, afterwards they said they thought I was going to pass out, apparently my face turned white as a ghost. The most important thing is preparation. If you're prepared you can't fail (well, you can still lose, but you won't embarrass yourself).

I've picked about 50 juries and tried about 30 cases and it's always stressful and nerve-wracking, but as long as the jury can't see it you'll be fine.


Sorry Mike, it's a female judge.

Ain't no jury. I don't know what the hell I would do if there were one. I can't even talk to myself in the mirror because I stumble over my words. Other people? Heck, no!