Going to Dodgers @ A's today with my son

Hopefully the A’s can get their first win of the season today. Going to be a 12:37 pm first pitch. I probably should’ve thought about the traffic leaving the game when I got the tickets but oh well. Go A’s!


I don`t understand how baseball plays games while most people are working.

I think my Dad might have taken a day or two off to pull us kids away from school for a day game when I was younger. Just trying to pass it down to my own. We usually go on Sundays since I don’t think he’d do well with night games yet.

Good Stuff. What capacity is allowed there?

Mostly because they are traveling that night and they have a game the next day

California just moved to orange tier, so 33%. But come June 15th, California will be back to 100%

Let me get this straight. You can attend a baseball game at 33% capacity in California. Yet, many school districts are still 100% virtual? We’re living in clown world. This is government showing their priorities.

You dont ?

No,doesn`t it hurt attendance?

its Cali , people dont work :slight_smile:

The crowd was sounding pretty crazy at the game yesterday. Seems like there is a full marching band worth of drums being played and people dueling ‘let’s go Dodgers/Oakland’ at the absolute top of their lungs throughout. I’m surprised they allow people to bring full fledged drums into the stadium… I would be pretty mad if I went to a game and had people banging on drums right next to me the whole time.

Yeah, my dad used to take us to the giants/A’s game every year. I don’t even like baseball but I always looked forward to going with my dad.
If you have a minor league team in your town that’s where it’s at! We used to go to Sacramento Solans games (nosebleeds and then sneak down after a couple innings).
Hell, we have a minor league hockey team here and it’s fun as hell to go to the games. Cheap family entertainment.

God dadding

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they’re still playing at the coliseum? so it should feel about the same

The drums are great. Been one of my favorite parts of going to A’s games for decades now.

I hate drums at baseball games but that’s completely because of the Houston Astros.

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