Going to face down armbar

Whne I go for an armbar from the guard a whole load of tubby biatcheswill defend the arm and will be able to stack my legs and try as I might I cant' stop them from stcking me and crushing my legs up to around my head from where I would usually be able to roll over andrecover the guard. However I find it almost impossible to do whilst keeping control of the arm to get what would become a face down armbar. Anyone have any details as to how to get the space to get my head out and flip over? should I be trying something different when my armbar attempt is being stacked? any help would be much appreciated...

If you are armbarring his right arm you have a couple of choices
to get to the face down position.

1 - You can bridge over your right shoulder (i.e. the shoulder that
is furthest away from him) and come onto your belly. It can be
tough to do this, though, if your opponent is crushing you down.

2 - You can spin under him (which I prefer), bringing your head in
a counterclockwise motion under him and out by his right leg/
ribs. To facilitate this spin I often secure his right arm with my
left arm, place my right arm down along my right side (with the
back of my right forearm on the front of his right knee or thigh),
and then use the purchase from my right arm to spin underneath.

A common mistake is to not put the right arm in deep enough - a
lot of people try pushing off the closer (left) leg instead of the
further (right) leg and it doesn't work so well.

Sometimes you don't need the arm at all and can just spin holding
onto his arm with both your arms, but what I've described above
is the better method for learning this technique.

"then use the purchase from my right arm"

What does that mean????

I see what you mean. I'll grab one of the fatties in the morning and give spinning underneath a go because I sure as hell couldn't get over my shoulder (my knees were on the mat behind me on one occasion) with 130kgs of man bearing down on me......

"then use the purchase from my right arm"

translation1 = using the anchor point created by my arm against his leg

translation2 = pushing with the back of my arm

yup works fine, thanks a lot...

Glad it worked for you.  Here's one more trick.

After you've spun through you will be on you left side, belly down, your head near his legs. Often you can finish the armbar here, but sometimes you just don't have the leverage or the correct position.

To turn it into a 'normal' (i.e. face up) armbar maintain control over his right arm with your left arm while reaching OVER his near leg with your right arm.  Now grab his far (left) leg with your right hand (cuff or ankle) and pull it over your own head.  This will flip him over and you'll be in a face-up armbar position. 

If you catch them by surprise you can do this on very large people.  I once did it to a 270lb guy in a tournament (I'm about 210).

Hmmm, I don't have a triangle video that I know of...

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