Going to Fatehs tonight

I am going for my first class tonight.

its a shame dougie wont be there

see ya there

and it is a shame that dougie won't be there...i was hoping our mega battle would happen tonight

I was told to see dougie because fateh wont be there either

I wanted to drop-in at fateh's when I was in london last month and couldn't find the place.

I have been to Fateh's several times while in London for work training. And each time was fantastic. I found it easily. I jumped into a cab asked for the Fitness Forum on Jelna and once there asked at the front desk where to go and they pointed me in the right direction.

tttA fo Fateh's

Your welcome to come and work out with the club. Fateh won't be there as he works on Tuesday nights, but one of the other members will teach the class.

looking forward to it

I am at work tonight. I'll be there Thursday. Fateh is working tonight too. Fox will be running class I bet.

If you want directions you should go to www.fateh.ca as there is a detailed map of how to get there.