Going to Florida tommorow!!!

And after a 3 hour stay in the Airport I have to come home again!!!

Basically I'm escorting one of my clients to Florida tommorow.

So what is there to do in the Airport other than have some drinks? Any OGers working security in whatever airport is closest to Palm Beach?

If it wasn't so close to christmas I would've tried to get at least a couple of days down there just to be worthwhile.

Oops..wrong forum...still applies though.

"Basically I'm escorting one of my clients to Florida tommorow.".............Client = Paul Buentello. It's On!

if you are going to ft lauderdale airport there are a lot of good places to eat, etc. within an easy cab ride. what time are you there? i will actually be there for a flight at noon. maybe we can meet up and roll at the airport..haha

Holy crap, call me we can at least go to a bar and grab some drinks if I'm there!!!

My flight is at like 830 or so(from Buffalo).I guess I'm there for like 11 am or something like that.

Edited to take my phone number off the net.

haha...small world on here...i'll give you a yell when i check my bags...in case any of the trolls on here ring you, my # is the one that ends in 1606...check you later!

I ended up being delayed and I was in Orlando not Palm Beach. Next time bro.

I am getting into Ft. Lauderdale at about 10:30

i hear ya...i had to check through to the terminal anyways....if you make it back (or anyone coming to south fl) hit me up... ruca4life at gmail dot com