Going to get son!!

We are leaving for China on the 22nd to pick up our new son, Beck Elrik (von) Petersen!! We should be back by the 7th of July. He is ethnic Chinese and an albino, so he WILL be able to fight (and he kinda looks like me, with the whole albino thing).

I will soil my drawers if anyone can guess where the names (other than the last name) come from. hint: not the beer and not the singer/songwriter. another hint: spellings are SLIGHTLY changed.

My wife rocks; I can't believe I got the names (she slightly changed the spelling, but won't let me have the "von" - I'm going to slip it in somehow).

congrats - I thought the time was getting close.  hope you'll be very happy.  lm

how old is he?

Congratulations! That's a really, really great thing.

He turned 1 year old on April 29 (he was born within a week of that date, so we picked that one).

lm, I'm guessing I won't make it for the July card, but Beck and I may be in attendance for his first fight card! (we may have to leave early, and do they have change tables at the Shriner Hall...?)

actually I think they do.  how's the wife doing since her surgery? - she's really going to get baptized by fire with a 1 year old.  my granddaughter (5 yrs old) has been watching fights with Pop for as long as I can remember and wants to attend the fights - told her she would have to wait just a bit more.

so what's the origin of the name? 

Beck - beer, that was easy

Elrik - Norseman/ Viking lineage?

Von - sounds bad ass

You say you're kid will be able to fight? I'll take that fight, but I'm not cutting weight :)

Congratulations, I propose we change your name to Daddy Hiza!

~FCFBlazer-MMA.TV AL Forum LEGEND!!!!!!!!!

Dude, re-read my post! I've got a contract I need you to sign, too....

If someone doesn't know, it is HORRIBLY anti-climatic to just tell. It has to do with a series of books from a particular author (not Tolkein and not Gary Gygax, either).

Oh yeah, wife is fine; she is rehabing with both Jean Beasly (Lakeview Personal Fitness) and a place out here in T'vlle. Carrying around a kid is definitely a quick baptism for it. Luckily, it is just here extreme ranges of motion which are still limited.

Dreamthief's daughter?

If it is, that is horribly and fantastically geeky.

Geeky? You should have named him Anakin Skywalker! Or Obi Wan Kenobi! Dangit, I just gave away my future kids names.


KeithRL!! You have the right author and one of the right characters (I think) (though the name is, of course, not the daughter's). If you can place the other character I stole a name from, you will be a bigger geek than I am.

As for the horribly and fantastically part, he can always claim the singer and/or beer. Hell, MY middle name came from a Robert Howard (author of Conan) character, and look how I turned out!

Champion Eternal!!

I've often thought how much you look like Conan.



well....if he were blond and short and....awww who am I kidding - I'm obviously much better than Conan!

AAANNNDDDD the bureaucratic shuffle begins; our trip has already been bumped back 8 days...

not cool


Start training him as soon as you can. I just found out I am having a son.

I figure we can set something up for 2026-2027.

Hiza's kid by armbar rnd 2!! (no offense Joel) LOL

DJ, at least you gave my son to the 2nd round.

I am going to armbar and triangle my son everyday of his life so he doesnt end up like his old dad.

Congratulations drugfree.

Have fun on your trip Hiza! Let's get together again when you get back and your life gets back to (somewhat) normal. (I have no personal experience, but by going what my friend's who have children say, there is no real normalcy with a kid...)