Going to Hamilton Pool today

In dripping springs Tx.  Never been, will update with pics later.  Anyone got any advice?

Nice, enjoy. Never been but heard it's cool. I live in Austin and corpus so definitely need to hit it up sometime 

Cousin lives in Seguin.  Said she got reservations 2 months ago.  Lol.  Apparently gotta get on that list fast

Enjoy these fellas in speedos.

Read title as George Hamilton Pool today


was thinking it was a george hamilton death pool thread. which i thought was weird. but i was interested anyway. 

Used to go when I lived in Austin. Have fun.  

Its awesome! Bit of a hike down to the pool, but its worth it. 

And no booze allowed so no drunk college kids! 

How is your pool doing?? 

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Keep'em coming!

Was a pretty cool place.  Had a good time with family