Going to MassBJJ

Can anybody tell me a little about the place? I've been in contact with one of the guys from there and he seems cool. Just curious to see what those who are or have been there have to say.

Pat and Nate are great instructors. I love going out there to train. Everyone there is great to roll with, friendly and outgoing. Pat and Nate set a very good atmosphere to learn jiu jitsu in and roll. You won't have to worry about some spaz trying to hurt you and you will get a great lesson also, give the school a try.

Cool. Thanks for the input. I'll be going there the first week of June.

Great School! Best Instruction around.

Place could not be better.

They are both great guys. Two of New England's best kept secrets in BJJ.

Hopefully I'll meet some people from here while I'm there.


Nate is pretty tough for a skinny guy and Pat is cool most of the time but don't stare at his ears..it sends him into a submission frenzy.