Going to my first music festival TME

just like the title says...Going to the Hudson Music Project next wknd... I need advice on what to bring, things I wouldnt think to bring, shit you need to elevate the experience... Anyone with festival experience let me know

take the brown acid

ecstacy or go fuck yourself.




Or both. 

I wont be able to do both... Do you have a sister? Maybe she can help

Cool, ill be there as well Phone Post 3.0

drop 2 tabs of acid before your favorite band (or the headliner). thank me later. Phone Post 3.0

Nah, i just smoke. No acid for me..

Don't miss Flying Lotus. He puts on a great show.

don't miss Matt and kim, they put on an amazing show saw them at Sasquatch 3 years ago loved it Phone Post 3.0

DubsAli - Nah, i just smoke. No acid for me..
awwww, that's cute. Phone Post 3.0

I've heard Dr. Dog is great live.

Have fun!

Definitely taking some acid. Phone Post 3.0

Lots of MDMA
Down for anything attitude and your good to go Phone Post 3.0

So how was it? Phone Post 3.0

Phuckles - So how was it? Phone Post 3.0
Yes. Share your what you learned. Phone Post 3.0

Leave ur shirt on fag Phone Post 3.0

Ecstacy and lots of it Phone Post 3.0

Find the glory hole on the first day.

Phone Post 3.0

The real party is in the campgrounds. Bring an instrument, if you play one.