Going to Peurto Rio in a week TMA

My fiance and I are going to san juan Puerto Rico in a week, anything we need to see/do while we're there? Don't mind spending $, so if you've been and did something awesome, give me the fucking details. We love relaxing with a drink, but also love shit like food tours, historical buildings, and adventurous stuff. We loved zip lining in Costa Rica, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking in rain forest etc.

There isn't much we don't like, so please suggest anything you enjoyed in Puerto Rico.

Ah fuck...I spelled Puerto Rico wrong in thread title. Fuck me..

Condado has a beach and some nice hotels. There are some good/expensive resturants there too.

Old San Juan is a nice place to walk around. There is a brewery there too.

The fort is a cool place to check out.

Get a car and head east to Luquillo Beach. It is an awesome place to chill. There are grills behind the beach. That will probably be the best food that you eat in PR. They are great!

Since your are on the east side, go check out the forest. There are some nice waterfalls there.

If you want to head all the way to the east side of the island, there is a luminescent bay out there. You can rent a kayak at night and paddle out there. The fish hit the baterica as they swim through the water so it looks like they are glowing.