Going to Puerto Vallarta next week, TME

Leaving the 14th, coming back the 22nd.

I’ve been there two times before to go fishing. Both times we were only had 1 day to shop or go around the city. I know a couple of restaurants in town and the shopping area, but that’s about it.

Staying by the Marina.

Have a couple of things planned out, but anything the OG can suggest is appreciated.

If I find something like this down there I may have to leave my girlfriend

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I was going to post something witty about drug cartel members stealing your money and kicking your ass…but everyone says it’s a great place to go, so i’ve got nothing but jealousy.

Don’t get a sunburn on your ballsack…

The only thing I’m worried about is getting diarrhea, but that’s what Immodium is for

I love PV and have been there several times. There is an outdoor market with fresh bread, coffee, and fresh made jams. Great food and still cheap.

Dont show your bare ass to the people at the pool as you walk through the lobby. They take that more serious than hitting someone over the head with a bottle at a club. I went with a group of friends when we were 18 and both things happened…our friend that showed his ass spent 3 days in jail, nothing happend to the other.

One thing we have planned is one day we’re going to do a cooking class. They take you to a market to pick up the ingredients, then you go and cook the food. Each day is a different thing, so we’re thinking of going the day that it’s chicken mole and tamales.

Puerto Vallarta is awesome. Been there 5 - 6 times. Enjoy.

If you are staying at an all-inclusive, bring a Yeti cup, it is larger than the cups they give you for drinks, and will keep your drinks cold longer.

I was on a cruise once that stopped in PV. I don’t remember the place at all because I must have been drunk during the entire stop.

10/10 would go again.

I got a thermal tumbler ready to go.

They had an all inclusive deal where we are staying for an additional $200/person, but it disappeared when we booked our room. We’re still trying to see if it’s available, maybe upgrade when we get there.

We’ve got a Jr Suite that is way more room than we need, but I’m not paying for it, so it’s kind of a bonus. She usually goes to bed earlier than me, so I can stay in the living room and watch TV and get drunk without bothering her.

Book a night in Bucerias.

Very cool little beach town just north of PV.

Mexico is always a good time. The resort I stayed at had day beds on the ocean. I ate sushi and drank my ass off on them.

its a shithole.

the beach water is murky brown.

I spent a week there two weeks ago. Was awesome.

I had the most fun just wandering around the marina, Zona Romantica, and Malecon. Went deep sea fishing for nine hours, but just caught more or less unlimited pogies at the end; the charter prepared ceviche which was awesome, and the rest we found a restuarant to cook. Went to see an acrobatic show up the coast a ways, called Rhythms of the Night, that was neat.