Going to San Diego 4/22-5/1

Charlie,I played ball with him.I think I met you at the Brigantine in La Mesa.That's good your in El Cajon,now I can train while I'm in Spring Valley.Here I thought it was going to be pure vacation and I find 2 quality gyms to train at while home.

Charlie Hohler's gym sd fight club. That is where Team Renzo trains when we are in SD. Charlie has helped us with everything from the ADCC trials to KOTC fight prep.

Check out his site www.sdfightclub.com

You are more than welcome to come train with us in Pacific Beach at Rodrigo Medeiros school. I teach on Friday nights and am there most weeknights.

Lots of great choices for you here. I would also recommend Dean Lister's place and Roy Harris. Best of luck to you!

Chris Cowboy
PB Fight Center / Rodrigo Medeiros

Thanks for the invite Chris.Is the gym open during the morning/afternoon hours?I'd like to do some light sparring,bag & pad work and maybe roll a little bit.

Cool - we are open in the mornings, but for bag and pad work I would recommend City Boxing with Dean Lister over our place. They have an AMAZING facility. We have bags and pads but our setup is mostly for rolling. Best of luck to ya brother.

Furacao do you still have muay thai at your gym the jui-jitsu speeks for itself but does your gym have any boxing or muay thai or even wrestling takedowns . Thanks

why don't you tell Hula to get is big ass to SD Fightclub while your at
it... lol

newdirection - the Muay Thai program is kinda dead for us right now. Unfortunately our instructor is really busy with his other business. Only me and a few other guys are doing Muay Thai at all and they are mostly going down to the Boxing Club with Mel Menchor.

As for takedowns, we have Jim Ammerman - former Olympic Team alternate teaching and training with us. He's also friends with Heath Sims and Henderson who come in to roll every once in awhile.

The Man, the myth, the legend, Jon Rollo has also made a couple of apperances to the San Diego Fight Club.... While you are in town Tell Hula to roll on by. \

Charlie Kohler #25


If you go to Rodrigo's you will know Chris Cowboy by
the crazy look in his eye..lol

he is a nice guy though

Chris,I need a contact #.Charlie, are you guys open in the morning?

ttt for Charlie

Mon , Wed, Sat, Mornings 11:30- 2:00

LOL @ SD Cartel - true dat. I guess I gotz teh weird eyes from my pops :)

IRISHTHUNDER - Rodrigo's phone number is 858-273-1344. Address is 4878 Cass St. San Diego, CA. 92109

See you there bradda

Chris Cowboy

Charlie, the web site is not working. Is there another address?

charlie give this guy your email bro.

IS there still muay thai once a week at the gym

ttt furacao

it should work..


e-mail sdfightclub@sbcglobal.net