going to tiferes yeshiva sunday

I will be attending a yeshiva in Morristown, New Jersey from sunday the 18th until the 28th of december. I will be learning to read hebrew, studying the tanya and torah in a very intense manner. Tiferes Yeshiva is a school run by the chabad lubavitch organization in case anyone is intrested in what I am talking about. It should be a very mind opening and positive experience.

Good stuff man, just watch out you don't catch the Moshiach bug from them- they go a little crazy with that one.

I guess I dont really know the difference. Talking to someone from an evangelical background about the Moshiach is bound to bring up great things. I think though, there will be a lot of torah study, a lot of studying hebrew, aramaic, a lot of yiddishkite in general. I wouldn't know the difference anyway being the only exposure Ive really had to any kind of orthodox Judaism has been thru lubavitchers.