going to ufc 53

going to my first ufc in ac. i hope its a great one? can you really see the fights good or do u need to watch the big screens. we got riser seats in the 250.00 price range i hope they r good seats.

If you paid 250 you should see fine. I have been to
2 UFC's (47 & 52 )and sat in the upper decks at
Mandalay Bay and MGM and could see pretty good
at 35 and 50 dollar seats. Sometimes i'd look to
the big screen. The Boardwalk Hall seems a little
more intimate so, i think any seat might be good.
I'll be sitting in 214 ($35) second and third row.

Being there live is great. You'll have a great time.

I went in Oct. and it was my first live one and the 150 seats are awesome!I hung out with everyone and it should be the shit again!