Going to Vegas on Monday and Tuesday

Staying at Treasure Island on Monday and Tuesday nights, so if any of you OG’ers want free drinks or food (just ask DaveFu) hit me up and we can knock back a few.

Going to check out Mac King Magic/Comedy show Tuesday afternoon, besides that no other plans than maybe try to play in a few poker tournaments.


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lol staying at treasure island on purpose? That is a fun place to gamble though

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Staying super cheap (like almost free) because my wife signed up for some reward thing. It’s not bad, and a good location on the strip.


hah yeah, it’s all about the location. I haven’t been inside there in a few years but I think they’re the last casino on the strip to still have $5 blackjack

Damn good to know about the $5 black jack, thanks!

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Is Vegas back to normalish? Last time I was there was last winter at the Bellagio and it was like staying on Fremont, very low class people all over it. I’ve been there a lot and it was definitely not like it normally is.

Speaking of vegas,where is a good one to stay near tmobile arena? I got tickets for an event and dont want to walk forever or stay in a trashy hotel.

Park MGM. It’s right behind it, and the hotel is nice enough for the cheaper cost. Smoke free too which is nice.

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I was just there at the end of June, and it felt pretty much back to normal/ pre covid. But apparently they’ve reinstated the indoor mask mandates since

Good to know, thanks broseph.

Thanks man. I appreciate it.

OP have fun

Thanks, I’ve been avoiding it since my last trip but I won’t go back until the mask thing is done. It made no sense then or now. I could buy a cigar and walk around for 2 hrs unmasked if smoking but if I wasn’t it had to be on.

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Any good sport games to bet on over the next 2 days?

Luckily I wasn’t in Vegas last night or would have lost money on the USA tying Canada in soccer.

was in vegas two weeks ago.

only the Wynn/Encore and the Cosmo are keeping out the trash. we stayed at caesars and it was the worst i’ve ever seen. just trashy people everywhere. walked through bellagio and watched a chick puke in the garden. like, WTF.

hopefully they raise prices and start cracking heads or it’s going to look like first friday on Fremont every fucking weekend.


Looks like tonight is a $100 buyin $4000 gaurentee poker tournament at MGM Grand, definitely playing that.

Thanks, will provide an update to see what kind of “clientele” is there.

Go see Meow Wolf, worth every penny. Plan on being there for a couple hours at least.

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My wife us an artist and knew about this. We were maybe going to see it in Santa Fe yesterday, but didn’t have time. Looks like we will go to this, thanks.

Is it across on the other side if the freeway across from the strip?

Review of the Nomad, a higher end hotel inside/at the top of the Park MGM by Pompsie, who has a good Las Vegas youtube channel.

The Platinum Hotel is an all-suites hotel within reasonable walking distance of the t-mobile arena, a little shopworn but not too expensive, getting into an area that’s a little sketchy. Near where Tupac got killed!