Going to Vegas on Monday and Tuesday

I’ve never stayed there, but I’ve had comp offers before with m life. Next time one pops up I think I’ll stay there

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Yep, it’s in a huge space that has a bar, restaurants and other galleries.

Arrived at Treasure Island. Definitely different vibe and demographic from 2 years ago.

Will have a better idea what’s going on in a few hours when I head over to MGM Grand to play some poker.

Run good Jman.
Will be there next month, Won a $1500 seat into the WSOP Monster Stack.
I’m not super excited. I haven’t had to wear a mask since January. Now going to have one on for 6 days straight.


I stayed at treasure island. There’s a seafood place downstairs that has lobster burritos. So good


Thanks brosephs. Wife might like the lobster burrito, thanks.

Looks like there is $200 buyin with $6k gaurentee tomorrow night at the Venetian. Another no brainer.

Walked the strip last night for the first time since 2020…wow, it has really gotten bad. I’ve been coming here for over 25 years and never seen things so bad. This is the first time that I haven’t felt entirely safe walking up and down the strip.

There are jokes about the urban influx (and that is accurate) but I don’t think that’s the issue, it’s a combination of a lot of things IMO: druggies, homeless, trash, horrible smells, pot shops all over, security guards at every entrance to every store, etc.

If the strip is this bad, I can’t imagine how bad downtown is.


Stayed at the cosmo last weekend. It was nice that you needed to stay their to get in. No riff raff inside. The pot stores have lowered the quality of the people on the strip for sure.


yep cosmo isn’t fucking around. we had friends there in town for the fight so we were able to get in, but their security was no joke.

wynn/encore was almost as serious. we walked in on the encore side and they were actively turning away people that appeared even slightly intoxicated/high. and on the opposite side at the strip entrance to the Wynn they had probably 3-5 large serious looking security guards blocking the less desirable element from getting into the shops/casino. l

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I havent been in over a decade. I assume my trip will be a shock.

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Whatever you do, don’t loudly pretend that he’s the actor that he looks like. Because then he’ll stare daggers at you and make everyone around you believe it’s really Joaquin Phoenix.

If anyone wants to buy Jman some drinks and pay down my 70ish dollar tab. I’d appreciate it.

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yeah it’s wild how much the strip has changed just in the last 18 months due to covid. wife and i went last summer when the city first re-opened (late june 2020) and you could definitely tell things had changed a bit. been back 3 times since then and it’s just gotten progressively worse every time.

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It’s the pot stores! Hahah. That’s funny.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the strip isn’t drastically worse now compared to pre covid. I’ve been three times, and honestly the riff raff felt about the same level to me compared to prior years…Maybe i’ve just gotten lucky and somehow avoided all the really bad shit. However, I am going at the end of the month again, and this will be my first time staying on Fremont since covid, so we’ll see how that goes

yeah, i wouldn’t go that far.

the fact that they’ve made the rooms so cheap has drawn a completely different element to the strip.

it’s basically the same crowd you’d find on first friday but on steroids.

What did James Carville say?

It’s the coronavirus, stupid!

Something like that.

I’ll be there Thursday-Saturday

A coworker went there Thursday and returned yesterday.

He said the strip was a little dicey in spots, but not too bad.

He said the big pisser was that it seemed like at most of the casinos he went into, they didn’t have a lot of tables open, and in some they replaced the tables with slots.

Another thing was that if you wanted to eat, most of the places had super long waits, so if you didn’t have reservations you were kind of fucked.

Also said they were really enforcing mask usage at most places.

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BLAD bravo, the Mac Kong show was awesome. Sat first row and saw the rope trip. My wife caught the rope and went on stage for the Rice Kripee card trick.

10 out of 10 show, thanks!

At Meow Wolf, lol… What a mind fuck!