Going to Venice Beach


The Best places to eat
some good shopping stores

Anything fun to do in Venice? Phone Post

$1 slice if pizza .. Buy a bong or pipe .. Get a cool bob Marley black light poster , join in on giant drum circle and if you wanna go full tourist retard , get a henna tattoo. That's about it ! Phone Post 3.0

They got a couple new restaraunts there were you can have a beer, sit on the patio and watch all the freaks and geeks. I usually just do that, dont get a pot prescription down there its a ripoff. Phone Post

That's it? Venice sounds boring Phone Post

Venice is cool for an afternoon, but they shut everything down at sunset (literally clear the street with cop cars...or at least they did a few years ago).

So have fun and find a restaurant on the walk and eat and watch the freakshow. Worth checking out, but nothing too crazy.

A few clubs around there at night to go to, but only if you're staying in Venice, otherwise go somewhere else at night (Sunset Strip, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier, etc).

Rent a bike and ride to Santa Monica beach and back Phone Post 3.0