Going to Whistler, TME

Going to Whistler for five days at the end of the month. Never been before and will have a two year old with me.

Any suggestions on what not to miss while there?

Will it be easy to find weed? Ask the concierge? Phone Post 3.0

Relevant to my interests, I'm planning in going next year for the skiing. 

I know I want to do the peak to peak gondola thing for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks RJJH!

I'm looking forward to it. Have never been to any other provinces besides Ontario and Quebec. Phone Post 3.0

My ex just moved there. How likely am I to run into her? Phone Post 3.0

Ha, she's married with kids. But yeah, I'll bet she's guzzling Australian anteaters all day.

Flying into Vancouver and doing the drive. Phone Post 3.0

I'll check that out. I've only ever been to a pot cafe in Toronto before. Crazy mix of people! Phone Post 3.0

What are common prices for pot in BC? Only going to be there six days, and can only smoke some nights when my wife is with the kid.

Do people even sell 1/8ths? Any more and I would just have to give it away, which is also okay. Phone Post 3.0

The square in front of the liquor store/grocery is usually your best bet. Look for groups of young folks hanging about. Don't be shy to ask. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, thank you gentlemen! Phone Post 3.0

There's always the old standby

"Coke and hookers" Phone Post 3.0

Never done either of those. Not about to start. Phone Post 3.0