Gokor and Karo on the radio

Just spoke to Gokor, and he has confirmed that he will be with us on The School of Advanced Wrestling this Saturday at 2pm pst. He also says he will bring Karo as well as one of his students who will be fighting at the next Bushido. As you know Karo will be taking on Chris Lytle who is a Tapout sponsored fighter. We has the crew from Tapout last saturday and they said Chris is ready. So we will hear what Gokor and Karo think about that. So join us this saturday at 2pm pst. just go to www.kmaxam.com click listen and the show will be on.........Maestro

Manvel is the one who got signed by PRIDE BUSHIDO.

Man you guys are on it. Manvel is going to be with us also. So tune in and check it out......

I can't wait to see Manvel fight. I have been hearing for years on this forum that he is a monster...

Lytle will win.