Gokor Seminar/Tourney Knox TN 4/17

We are hosting Gokor for a two day seminar again on April 17th and 18th. Cost is $100 for one day and $125 for two. This is turning out to be an excellent event. See our website for more info (www.xtremekarate.info). We have a great rate on a downtown hotel for everyone traveling in so email me at info@xtremekarate.info for more info.

We are also hosting the second Knoxville Hayastan Grappling Challenge. The last one was awesome. Nothing but compliments on the rules and all the competitors had great attitudes. The competition was great and all of last touneys 1st place winners will recieve half off their already low $25 entry fee. All the info can be found on our site at (www.xtremekarateonline.com).


Gokor will be handing out the medals for each winner and we will all go out to eat with Gokor Saturday night.

Ironlock will be bringing 4 guys
Jason Coomer

Gracie Barra will be there

a few guys from both Pedrinho's & Soneca's schools

JasonCoomer will you please email me ASAP


ttt for xtreme karate & gokor

ttt...for any local event...all this driving is killing me:)

ttt for a great tournament and a great seminar. Casey O





Thanks to all who are coming and who are supporting us. We have A LOT of interest this time. We will still be giving out the free bannanas and water and there will still be no charge for spectators (Keep in mind though that it will be a tight standing room only) or for the absolute division (provided that there is time to run it, which there should be with four rings).

As well, we will run four rings this time and the mat on the heavy bag side is now surfaced like the main side we used last time. Dr. Darren Pordash, President of the World Sambo Federation has agreed to run a ring and several other instructors in his and Gokor's system will be running rings as well.

We are having a little trouble with the reliability of our website so I will post all the rules and the info on the seminar on this thread within a day or two.


Please send us a flyer so that we can post it at Nashville Mixed Martial Arts Academy. Gokor is awesome. Best of luck!



I definately will once my email comes back up. I am having a lot of trouble with my website. I am going to have to find a different provider. When it comes back up I'll shoot you one over.


Thanks to Casey and Brandon for all your support.


My emails down so I can't email you but I am going to be there tomarrow. If you get this in time call me (865-609-8852), I want to know the schedule so I know when I need to leave (two hour drive you know).




Here's the rules...

Hayastan Grappling Challenge Knoxville TN:

Saturday April 17th, 2004. Weigh in at 10:00 am
Tournament starts at 11am- goes till finish (probably by 3 or 3:30 pm)

COST: $25 early registration, or $30 at the door; Kids $25 early or $30 at the door.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each weight class will receive a medal.

UNIFORM: Optional (Gi/ Draw String Shorts/ T-shirt/ No T-shirt/ Wrestling shoes/ etc)
Note- The only clothes allowed to grab is a GI (top or bottom).

ROUNDS: One, 3 minute round with no points.
One 2 minute overtime round with points, if needed.
One Sudden Death round if needed (1st takedown wins).

STYLE: Double elimination

WIN BY: -Submission, Points (in overtime round), or Disqualification (2 Fouls or Referee's discretion)

POINTS: (for overtime round only)
-Takedown: 1 or 2 depending...
(2 if the takedown takes the match from standing directly to a position of advantage on the ground. 1 if the takedown takes the match from standing a neutral position)
-Gaining a position of advantage: 1
(Gaining top mount, side mount, headward hold down, or the back)
-Escaping a position of advantage: 1
(Going from a disadvantaged position to a neutral position)
-Reversal of position: 2
(Going directly from a disadvantaged position to an advantaged position)

LEGAL TECHNIQUES: All finishing techniques must be applied in a
gradual and safe manner or will result in disqualification!!! Safety first!!
-Chokes and neck cranks
-Arm bars, shoulder, wrist, and hip locks
-Knee, foot, and ankle locks
-Key locks
-No Heel Hooks in Kid's Divisions.

ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES: Punishment is 1 foul or disqualification, at referees discretion
-Strikes of any kind, -Not applying any submission in a slow, gradual manner, -Hair pulling, -Body slams, -Making your opponent land on his/ her head, -Touching of the eyes or groin,
-Biting, fishhooking, pressure point use, or small joint manipulation (grabbing individual fingers or toes, or wrenching the ears or nose, etc),
-Thumbing, scratching, pinching, or pulling skin, -Applying any slippery substance to the body, hair, or uniform, -Cursing, arguing with the referee, or general bad attitude,
-Unsportsmanlike conduct (Referee's discretion)

WEIGHT CLASSES: (Grouped by Beginner/Advanced and weight)
-Under 120, 120 - 139, 140 - 159, 160 - 179, 180 - 199, 200 & OVER
These weight classes may change according to competitors attending. (i.e. over 200 may be split or 180 raised to 185 etc.)
-Women's Division- Only if we have 3 or more women.
(If not, women may compete in the men's division 1 weight class down)
-ABSOLUTE DIVISON (If time permits after the regular tournament is over) We had a great Absolute last time!
SKILL LEVELS: We will more than likely have beginner and advanced skill levels but may do away with them and go strictly by weight in the event that a weight class does not have enough participants.

Remember, above all else we want everyone to have FUN and for there to be no injuries!

(A special thanks to Vince Fields and Dr. Pordash for their design and testing of this rule system. Without it, our tournament would not be the success that it has become.)