GOKU - Kid & Masato - You Got?

First off, god bless you for posting all the video clips of the fights. There was some shit I wanted to see, but I was not gonna pay to watch the K-1 freak show. So you got me covered, much respect. I got them all on my server now too if you want to give yours a breather just let me know. But I gotta make the request, I heard Yamamoto/Masato was a nasty fight, was wondering if you got anything on that one?

No shit, god bless but this one would be the bomb.

I still cant believe Kid did as well as he did.

Is this the best an MMA fighter has done against a top K-1 guy? I know Sapp beat Hoost but...

Was Abidi a top guy when Rampage was smacking him around? I know he just lost to a comedian, lol, and I'm not up on K-1 as much as the rest of you guys, but he's definitely a name I see coming up a lot and I'm sure he's got some good wins.

Where are the clips?

They were sprinkled around here all day. I got them all on the Royce/Akebono thread @ www.mmanews.com/forums (not a shameless plug, TTT Goku's if you can find them)