Golata to get 3rd shot?

Anyone else heard the rumors of Golata to take on Lamon Brewster for the WBO belt sometime in the spring?

Golota should be able to knock out Brewster. I see this being an easy win for Golota.

if he beats Brewster, he's got 3 of the 4 belts in my eyes

I haven't seen him break any rules lately though. I mean, I used to hate the guy's guts, really. But his last 2 fights he's looked good and gone out of his way not to do anything stupid, and he's actually made me into a lukewarm fan. If he keeps this up he could actually end up with a decent legacy

Yep, saw it on Fightnews... they said it will probably happen in early March.

Golotta by TKO in 7.

Damn....could you imagine if the decisions had gone for Golota in his last 2 fights.....he would have the WBA belt, IBF belt, and now he is fighting for the WBO belt...we would almost have a undisputed heavyweight champ...

Poor Golota....I hope he knocks out Brewster so there will be no chance of a bad decision...

if he beats Brewster, he'll be the real HW champ in my eyes. No one with any sense could say Golatta didn't beat Byrd and Ruiz.

Yeah, Golota deserves a shot. Golota was hanging with the best of the HW's and Brewster is a step below. Should be a beating.

Brewster is a chump, Golota will win.