Gold Coins

Anyone have experience on investing in proof grade gold coins?

Looking for some good reference/education materials on the subject.

I own 1 once is gold coins. however, i'm fortunate enough to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. it si the home of the Canadian mint, maker of the Maple Leaf Gold Coin, the purest gold coin in manufacture. No middleman, I can purchase them directly from the government.

Actually I've heard they are good investments. How much does the coin sell for?

That new 1 oz. Bufalo nickel copy with a $50 denomination sure is freaking beautiful.That's all I know.

I've heard a lot of people use to clean money or just use it as a international currency.

Investing in Gold and Silver is certainly a viable option.

I have more than a few Gold Bars and Walking Liberties.

Actual gold bars?


That's interesting. I wouldn't even know where to start with that.

It is actually a pretty fun way to invest, my father got me into it. I only have a handful of bars right now and have them stashed in safety deposit boxes and a personal safe.

The best part about collecting gold is that it is tax free.

I found a quick link when Googl'ing:

I only skimmed it so not 100% sure how great of an article it really is. We have a jeweler downtown (personal friend) who comes across expensive diamonds and bullion such as gold and silver. He passes them along to us roughly 10% above wholesale... great guy.

Bought my girl diamond stud earrings off of him recently for a steal. 10% under wholesale as they came from a bankruptcy auction.

To include gold as an inflation hedge in one's portfolio might be a good idea, but I'd only invest in gold coins that are closely tied to the gold value, not the collecters extra value. Too fickle a market.

And I'd only invest in gold as a small percentage of my overall portfolio.

There isn't much fear of inflation right now. Maybe if the fed loosened the money supply. But we are in a downturn in the economy right now, so there shouldn't be much fear of inflation.

Agreed with above. I hope that I didn't come across as one who puts all of my investing into one place - as that is certainly not the best approach and not the case. :)

Your posts lead me to two questions:

  1. Who rebuys solid gold bars? I mean do you get them from a jeweler and resell them to a jeweler in the event you want to dump them?

  2. Which types of gold coins are tied to the actual value of gold?

from what I have heard you generally want to stay away from gold coins and stick with bars. I think with coins you are paying extra for the stamping/design. There is the chance of a coin becoming a collectible, but most likely you are paying a higher price per ounce than with bars.

Charmcity, I have some experience with gold and silver. I'm pressed for time right now, so you can e-mail me if you want. I will try to get back to you later tonight.

You sir have mail.

I used to collect American Eagles and SA Kruggerands when I was younger.

Check out ebay for accurate prices, though they typically sell slightly above spot.

My experience is that firms try to sell gold coins as an investment, with a prospectus and sales material, etc charge considerably more than ebay or coin shop prices.

Charmcity a reply has been sent. Hope it helps.

Also presciuos metals are rather high right now. SHould have bought last year.

Beezulbubba, Were do you think metal prices are headed. With prices up and the market setting new highs, do you see a down turn?