GOLD vs CryptoCurrency?


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I was just citing the one day to be a jerk. But no, not for one day, BTC has outperformed gold for ten years. I think it will outperform gold over the next ten years though I think its wise to hold both.

BTC was around $5 and now is around $29,000.

Gold was around $1,560 and is now around $1,820.

The nice thing though about holding BOTH and not framing it as “vs” is you don’t have to pretend to have a CRYSTAL BALL and LARP as a PSYCHIC on the OG.


I still think metals offer such a great value in anonymity. Great protection against divorce, lawsuits, etc. Great way to leave a tax free inheritance. I’ve been divorced and sued, both sucked, but I was very thankful I knew I had a stash of metals that no one could take from me. I don’t think bitcoin offers that kind of protection. Bitcoin will not outperform gold this year, but it may shoot up to 100k in a couple years. They’re just very different types of investment imo. I don’t understand why anyone would expect them to perform similarly.


Don’t forget what happens to gold when currencies collapse. It is not uncommon for one gold coin buys a house

I agree , I don’t think bitcoin will put perform gold this year or the next 10.

I also agree with having money outside the system. I know a rich guy that was murdered and most of his wealth disappeared. He had millions of dollars that went missing.

I have metals stashed away and only a few people that I trust know where it is. If I die I know my kids will be well cared for.

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So, tell me. Where is the gold?

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He said he stashed it away…


The second the US government mentioned crypto, it’s value plummeted


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I’ve heard that millions of dollars worth of crypto gets stolen everyday by hackers. The hackers in countries like China, Russia, Nigeria, and other 3rd world countries have high tech password guessing computer programs. Most passwords can be guessed within seconds.

Just wait until they get quantum computers

sounds like you NEED TO MAKE A THREAD to CHARITABLY SHARE your KNOWLEDGE so that the OG can LEARN from your EXPERIENCE

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I think they can do it already. That’s why China wants its people not get out of it. That and capital controls

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So crypto

As there is nothing tangible for them to take?

Same with btc. There are buyers and sellers. You can put the money right into your account using one of the crypto exchanges

They take a few to exchange it

If you keep crypto in a wallet… on a usb isn’t it pretty much invisible and untraceable


Can an EMP zap away cryptos?