GOLD vs CryptoCurrency?

I heard evergrande paper support tether, not usd

40% of bitcoin investors are now underwater, new data shows

Gold is not performing at all like it did in the 70’s.

I wonder if it will be freely traded as CBDCs arrive.

Its really a tiny market, seems price can be managed for a long time.

Will it be freely traded in the future or will it be suppressed?

Will the public want physical or just content with owning GLD.

We shall make them trade.

to be fair, I really don’t have any more faith in GOLD investments like Gold ETFs than I do in Crypto. Seems whenever the market tanks then GOLD ETFs/STOCKS tank in tandem with the rest of the market

having a bit of Physical Gold, yeah, maybe that could be a good idea but I would still avoid getting the GOLD FEVER

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I hold a modest amount of PM’s in my portfolio. I own some bitcoin and etherium also but I’m still not sold on crypto. I’d choose physical gold if I had to invest the money in either.

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Whether you hold actual physical or in an ETF it still goes up and down in value about the same.

You just aren’t seeing the realtime mark-to-market pricing of your physical.

More than $200 billion erased from entire crypto market in a day as sell-off intensifies

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And BTC has still outperformed gold over the past five years even though its down 50% from last years high! Man gold sucks balls but I’m gonna grab a little bit in case gold revisits its glory days like in the 70’s when it was 1 to 1 with the Dow.

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Doesn’t matter the price, I still have my cryptos in my hand

The new world order will be tangible assets

Gold is real.

Crypto isn’t.

So the wealthy people that bought two billion dollars worth of BTC this morning just bought something that is not real because they like to throw away USD?

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I would consider who those Wealthy People are and their Habits. Example. Floyd Mayweather enjoys Gambling at the Casinos. He has $$$ to LOSE and will still remain wealthy. Warren Buffett/Charlie Munger are not fans of Crypto. Of course they aren’t fans of a lot of things LOL

but the peasant has to contemplate the Risk/Reward as it relates to his situation. A peasant taking a $10K loss on a RISKY Speculation or Growing that $10K is much different than Floyd Mayweather Speculating with $10K

You just gotta believe…Goddamit.

but isn’t the fiat currency technically tied to oil? hence the word “Petro dollars”

Makes we wonder what will back the dollar next, warbucks?

I have a buddy who is a gold expert. He was a geologist for years then got into finance. He told me that gold companies tank with the market, and they tank way worse than the market - they go way down. But then they roar back faster than the rest of the market as soon as the feds start up their games.

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Guess what BTC has done since you made this post? Outperformed gold! Ha!


^for one day? Let’s check back in say…10 years