Goldberg and Rogan to pride?

Since HBO is going to have different announcers when they take over the UFCs, do you think UFC will move Rogan and Goldberg to pride since pride doesn't have announcers right now?

They're not "taking over" the UFCs. They're only showing some events.

If I recall correctly, Dana said that the HBO events will be one tier above the shows on Spike but one tier below the pay-per-view events.

Rogan and Goldie will still be doing UFC shows on Spike and PPV.

thank god

O ok thanks for the info. Does anyone have clue who the new pride announcer maybe are?

In order for the Fertitta's to announce a new announcer for Pride they have to own the company......and they don't yet....

^ I believe they said Bonaduce was doing color commentary on the HBO broadcasts.

I just shake my head at the marketing director of HBO. You never fix something that ain't broken. UFC is a product that has enjoyed outrageous growth over the past years and HBO is looking at altering it? Why? Is there something about Rogan that is so inconsistent with HBO's line of fight-sport business? And even if there is such an inconsistency, it would only be an apparent one. I mean the other fight sport they air is boxing but that appeals to a different segment. That's like replacing Lampley and Merchant because they don't appeal to people who watch the Sopranos... What are they thinking?

On another note Dana has a saying in this as well. 3 (non-mutually exclusive) possibilities: (i) he is either sending a clear message to Rogan and Goldberg that they are replaceable, (ii) he is interested in seeing how the product looks with different commentators or (iii) he thinks the benefits from entering into the HBO market outweigh the cost of having his product altered through that specific channel. In my opinion, all 3 possibilities are risky ones and possibly harmful.

I mean, if I were Rogan or Goldberg, I would certainly not appreciate this for one thing. The other danger I see is that in this way they (i.e. the UFC) are not being consistent with their marketing mix. Lastly, it is a huge responsibility to commentate MMA on HBO and although I have not heard of the people you mentioned as candidates, I would assume that whoever they pick would come in with some uncertainty as to how he would actually fair. Why risk that as well, when you have a tested duo, who is at least experienced in what they are doing, they know the product and their performance is predictable?

oh, so rogan embarasses you axl? :)

Why do many of you guys hate what's going on before giving it a chance? I could understand your views if you have seen a presentation but none of you have. The whole concept of don't fix what isn't broken is moronic!
Was SDTV broken before they developed HDTV?
Was DVD broken before they developed HD DVD or Blu ray?
Was MMA broken before they developed IFL or Bodog?

You don't wait for something to break before you can improve it... Give it a chance