Goldberg or Stone cold: who was ....

The bigger draw at the time ?

I know that scsa was FUCKING HUGE, but golderg was HUGE as well.

I've seen crowds go just as mad for bill as they did for steve.

Steve carried WWE. He was the only draw.

WCW would have been fine without Goldberg. Hogan and the NWO drew just as much as Goldberg.


Goldberg was only as big as the piped in GOLDBERG chants allowed him to be.


Not even a doubt about it, Stone Cold.

Stone Cold no doubt. Was a huge draw for much longer than Goldberg. As a heel or a face it didn't matter, people loved Stone Cold. And just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger 'What?' catches on and people are still using that to fuck with heels today.

SCSA is up there with the Rock and Hogan as the biggest starts in pro wrestling history.

Goldberg was actually over in the State of Georgia.

Everywhere else, they piped that chant in.

People still pop for Stone Cold, nobody gives a fuck about Goldberg and his shitty shows on SPEED TV

WHAT? > Who's Next?

Stone Cold made being a supervisor in a white trash industry dangerous. All these rednecks were talking about how they were gonna flip off the boss and stomp a mudhole in their ass after SCSA hit the scene.

GB was extremely over in his territory. SC was a mega-star across the globe.