Golden Axe Arcade - All Characters/Hardest Difficulty/No Health Lost

Thank you my friend. I appreciate the support. Got another good one coming up soon

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It’s another Golden Axe Clear - but this time I do the whole thing without getting touched once! Took ages! Loads of fun though!


Wow never seen that done before!

My younger 80’s/90’s self would never have thought that possible playing it on the arcades back then!



It took a long time to get it right, but you’re right, if you pulled that off live in a pre internet world, you’re a mythical figure that gets talked about in hushed tones!

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I think if I saw someone do that on the Arcade back in the day, I’d have trouble believing they were even human!

Would probably think that they were a robot or an alien or something!

I watched a YouTube video about these guys that try to break the Super Mario Brothers speed record. It’s amazing how much of a science these geeks have it down to. They take advantage of glitches, frame rates, etc. and it’s to the point where every millisecond counts. I didn’t even understand most of what they were talking about most of the time.

It’s very geeky and interesting.

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Shake it Tyris Flare!

You kill those Weinstein bros!

Yes I remember the first time I saw one of those and was amazed at just how scientific it all was!

I think it was Zelda (The wind waker),where they were having trouble getting past a barrier in the game that doesn’t disappear until you do all the normal game shit first.

Yet they were all amazingly creative in trying all these different things to get past it. Eventually someone found a weak point which led to another weak point which created a gap ‘‘just’’ big enough to pass through!

Amazing ingenuity!

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