Golden Boy, Affliction, and Hispanic consumers

Not sure if this has been discussed in reference to the Affliction / Golden Boy partnership (miniFRAT)...

Maybe the fact that they are partnering isnt about MMA, boxing, or even MMA & boxing combo events. Everyone seems very focused on the product and not the consumers.  Maybe its all about the all-powerful Hispanic audience. I havent done the research, but I would assume that Golden Boy has built-in marketing and distribution channels that will deliver a large number of Hispanic viewers to Affliction. Did the UFC's marketing of Huerta attract the Hispanic audience they desired? I dont know. But I tend to believe Hispanic consumers will be MUCH more reactive and loyal to De La Hoya than Huerta. Maybe Golden Boy & Affliction have to offer these combo events to more easily woo these valuable consumers. Maybe Golden Boy & Affliction see that the Hispanic audience isnt quite ready to plunge 100% into the MMA pool.

I'm not sure if this is the core strategy of this partnership. If it is, I think its smart. Most American sports fans - Hispanics, White, Black, Asian, whatever - still are NOT mma fans. Its smart move to create a new audience and hope that some of the harcore mma fans leak over. I think its a fools move for ANY mma show to try to build their base by stealing the UFC loyalist fans.

I used to run a little marketing firm...found this somewhat dated (2002) but interesting Scarborough reporting on Hispanic consumers:

- approx 40 million Hispanics in US

- Hispanics make up largest minority in US, larger than African American population

- projected 2007 buying power of hispanics was $926 Billion

- over 4 million Hispanics in LA alone

- largest population of Hispanics are between 18-34 years old, the audience the marketing world often calls the "key demo."

- Hispanics are MORE LIKELY to be employed full time than the average American. this is shocker to most Americans, but its very true.

- Hispanics are showing HUGE consumer increases in cell phone services, financial services, brand name apparel, athletic shoes, internet, and travel. This equals major endorsement opportunities. 

good points!

but how many Hispanic fighters are there?

useless - good points!

but how many Hispanic fighters are there?

as a former promoter and matchmaker, i can testify that there are a growing number of hispanic fighters in the US. but i'm not suggesting that the Golden Boy / Affliction promotion will be a hispanic-fest. i'm only thinking that Golden Boy has the means to reach the audience via their established networks and brand.

useless - good points!

but how many Hispanic fighters are there?

 Oscar sign this guy to one of your PPVs!

Original post has a good theory, but like everyone else said...what Mexican fighters are there that aren't signed to Zuffa (Tapia, Torres) that good make a splash.  Tito has the last name but not the cred...if Oscar can somehow sell Tito to the masses, then $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

and i want to add that MegaDeth would be a poor choice if they are going after hispanics too. in fact, i think its a poor choice if they are going after anyone BUT early '90s metalheads.