Golden Gophers vs Union(ncaa hockey championship)!

Here we go

Go Gophers! Phone Post 3.0

Go Gostisbehere! Get your ring and come to the Flyers.

Gophers get the scoring started early! Phone Post 3.0

Sloppy rebound, Gophers up early.

Wrf these refs. Phone Post 3.0

That was a weak penalty, but whatever.

I see Gostisbehere is by no means shy about shooting, lol. Needs to hit the net though.

Jesus Christ let these guys play. Obviously a different crew than the gophers/ND game. Phone Post 3.0

i'll always root for minnesota teams, go gophers!

Wow...Gostisbehere looked like Coffey there.

Gophers right back, great shot from a terrible angle.

Holy angle Phone Post 3.0

Union!! :-) Phone Post 3.0

Great game...too bad we have to suffer through Melrose for it.

He's better in small doses, not for a full sixty.

Come on MN you bare better than this. Phone Post 3.0

If I had to listen to Melrose commentate on a regular basis I probably wouldn't watch hockey. Phone Post 3.0

Signs of life by the gophers coming from the intermission. Phone Post 3.0

Go Union.

Our rival in rugby, but I have some good friends that go/went there, I almost went there for my Masters.

They're the next town over, so it's nice to see them do good. Plus they're a small private school not some shitty SUNY fuckhole like Albany, I was glad those cock monkeys lost.

These announcers are sucking on gothisphere cock. "Omg he's skating with the puck HES THE GREATEST EVER!" Phone Post 3.0

That's pretty impressive for a school that small . i swear to god MN is cursed. Phone Post 3.0

Great run for Union. GG

lol @ the confetti on the ice tripping guys up.