Golf guys...delofting/flighting clubs vs. clubbing up?

Quick question, instead of delofting an iron/wedge, why not simply use a club that has less loft to begin with?

Since you have to ask this question, I can only assume you are a high handicap. There are way too many factors that go in when deciding which club and what type of shot to hit.

Yep, high handicap, not sure what the point is of you suggesting it is other than trying to make a sublte dig. Not sure how that helps answer the question…

It could depend on what your PW with your set is is and the number of degrees you have between that and your gap. Or maybe you just find you need to adjust your ball flight/distance slightly.

So a guy I played with this last weekend mentioned that he doesn’t like to hit wedges high…ever…even if there isn’t any wind…and he’ll hit from far out (100+) with a delofted wedge. I didn’t inquire by the time we parted ways but I was wondering what the benefit would be to using a delofted wedge vs. simply using a club with less loft normally…like an 8 or 9…

Bobby came back from a 5 year hiatus to make that dig. You should feel honored.

I do…I do…

If you do not de-loft your wedges you do not compress the ball and create a pure strike.

Let’s say you have a 95 yard shot into a pin, a 3/4 swing pitching wedge is more likely to roll out or potentially off of the green as opposed to a de-lofted/flighted 56 degree. The difference in rpm would be around 4,000.

My index is 10.8 so there is many better golfers on here that could offer more detailed insight. But that’s the just of it.

Oh I thought you were talking about physically removing loft from the wedge by changing it a degree which can be done

I’ll give you some very basic help on club distances.

Take all your clubs out and hit 10 balls with each. Mark the distances on a sheet. Average out each club.

Next take 8 iron through lob wedge and hit 10 shots at 3/4 swing. Mark the distances.

This should give you enough versatility for a normal round of golf. Once you get a handle on consistent shot placement you can work on backspin (counter intuitive because you have to swing down on the ball) or flight shape.

Also, I notice that a lot of novice golfers will try to choke up and swing light at a ball and all of a sudden it takes off and goes further than their normal shot would have gone… this is because their “swing timing” is much better when they aren’t trying to grip it and rip it.

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Appreciate the response. Couldn’t - instead of delofting - just use a lower lofted club to get the compression instead?

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Nothing, don’t listen to this hack.

A player that can hit a SW into a green will “stick” the green much easier than a guy punching an 8 iron into it.

This is correct. There is geometry added to the sole of the wedges that change their bounce as well. A SW should have a high bounce.

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OP, this might sound dumb but when I was on my high school golf team, I got really into playing the PGA games on Playstation.

There’s a new one that’s out right now and was $19.99. Playing some rounds there will teach you:

How to attack a course / shot placement
When to use different types of shots
Reading greens

Don’t get me wrong, it won’t help you without any practice. But this helped me to understand the game on a deeper level. You still have to hit the shot!

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