Golfer John Daly gets knifed by

his wife. Actually she attemted the knifing, but she scratched the shit out of his face, He apparently wrestled the knife away. He's playing golf today on TV looking like Lou Albano.

His face looks like Gannon's after Kimbo.

The guy has been in rehab twice for booze, and has been married 3 times. This wife was busted a few years back for a felony.

Here's the link to the story, C&P

He should have busted out the Callaway Big Birtha circa '97.

Holy shit.

I think I would've dropped out of the tournament.

Actually, this is his fourth wife. She was in jail for Gambling ring involvement and dealing drugs.

Daly's been a nut over the years due to his booze addiction. He's wrecked hotel rooms, busted up a resturant one time, and other cool shit. Major gambler.

He wrote a book a few years back about his exploits. He's publically spoken out about his alcohol abuse, and about being in AA. Then he has also spoken out publically about going back to drinking because he found out he was'nt an addict. Go figure.

Fuck yeah, driver to the head.

and he was playing golf 2day? lol holla at ya boy

Hmmm. Must suck to be trapped into playing like that.

He owes fifty grand to Mike Vick.

Ironically, Negreanu has gotten into golf. N wins thousands at the poker tables and then loses it in skins games.

They should hang out...

yep time to tee up that bitches head and nail it with a big bertha

oh goodness did I just type that?

He's a strange cat. He's also known to play at local courses and make huge bets.

There's this one story about a girl coming up to him at a pro tournament trying to sell him balls she found and cleaned. The girl's dad saw what she was doing and told her to leave him alone he's a pro. He ended up giving the little girl a few hundred bucks for a couple of balls.

Don't know of it's true, but I heard it from a few places.

the pga should not let him play. if any other pro, in another league, he'd be benched.


Pathetic. But it looks like he made the cut and is in the money.

"His face looks like Gannon's after Kimbo. "

It doesnt look one tenth as bad as Gannon's face after KImbo was through with him.

I have to wonder if Daly staged this fiasco in order to discredit his wife and ensure custody of his kids after their divorce.

How do you only get a few scratches on your face if someone attacks you with a knife? Sure, he says he wrestled it off her and she scratched him but that doesn't add up either.

There's more to this story than Daly is letting on.

The NWO is covering it up.

Don't ask too many questions, if you know what's good for you.

No. Those guys have disbanded.

I love how Daly brings Golf down to the trailer park level. BTW... Does Daly and John Bobbitt have the same woman?

is he still competitive?

" "I think I would've dropped out of the tournament. "

he can't. he also has/had a gambling problem and was in the hole bigtime."

yes he can.  he can withdraw from any tournament he wants.  he's from the area and has a lot of fans coming out to see him, that's why he's playing.  it's just some scratches on his face anyway, he's not some bitch that's gonna sit out from that.

the pga isn't going to suspend him, he sells too many tickets.  any tournament he's in he still draws a crowd as big as tiger, maybe bigger.