Golfers: How far do you hit each of your clubs?

I know I can hit my 7-iron 185-190 yds pretty consistently, but that’s about the only one I’ve measured several times.


Well, what is it?

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I’ve actually broken 190 a few times but I’m consistently between 185-190

7 iron is my 150yd stick it on the hole club.
Hit 10k balls with each club and figure it out from there.


I was being a smartass.

I had a client once that was a pro caddy. He told me once that he told a top 10 pro golfer the pin was 183 or 184 years away. The pro said, “Which one is it?”

I’ve played several rounds with female pros. The precision they claim to play with is pretty impressive but I really have no idea how how much of it is bullshit. And those are just the ladies.


If you’re hitting your 7 Iron that far you are doing good, but how is your aim? I stopped worrying about my distance; I’m only concerned with being as accurate as possible. We have a friend that’s caught up with how far he can hit each iron.
Then he wonders why he hits in the '90s.
My 7 iron I hit 150, and so on.

Any time I have played a round with low/scratch handicap players it’s their accuracy that is what is impressive a about their play. Consistently hit fairway and greens in regulation. I can hit it further than them and might sneak the odd hole but actually putting a score together across 18 holes I get royally beaten.


Less as i get older.


Sorry op, in answer to your question; 7 iron I haven’t measured but in my head I would be looking pull it out the bag at around 180ish. Only club I had measured with GPS was a drive I crushed and the guy with me measured to 337yrds.

I used to be able to consistently hit my driver over 300 yards. Now with a fucked up back I am beyond happy to hit it 300. Here is a run down of my clubs and distance.
Pitching wedge 125
9 iron- 150
8 iron- 170
7 iron- 180
6 iron -195
5 iron- 205
4 iron- 220
3 iron- 235
putter- 6 inches. Anything longer is a 4 put.



I play a LOT less frequently now than I did 15 years ago when i started playing, so my distance seems to be fading into the sunset.

I’ve played once this year and maybe 3 times in the last 5.

Right now my clubs are:

Pitching wedge 100
9 iron- 125
8 iron- 140
7 iron- 150
6 iron -165
5 iron- 180
4 iron- 190
3 iron- don’t use (goes into the woods)
7 wood - 215 (from fairway)
5 wood - 220 (from tee)
3 wood - 235 (from tee)
Driver - don’t use (goes FAR into the woods)

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This is me when I’m swinging easy. Used to hit my PW 150 in high-school then learned in college that my accuracy was better when I take a little off it.


60 degree - 100 (I don’t use this shot but I can hit it that far)

54 degree - 115
Gap - 125
Pw - 150
9 - 160
8 - 170
7 - 185
6 - 200
5 - 210
4 - 220
20 degree hybrid - 240ish
3 wood - 260ish
Driver - 300+ ( probably average 300)

Putter - been a long time but I’ve hit some 200 yd stingers back in the day. It’s actually an easy shot imo. Do it with a putter you don’t give AF about obviously.

I’m a smaller guy, 5 8

PW 126
9 150
8 175
7 180
6 190
5 - dont use it dont have one lol
4 hybrid - 200 - 220
3 - dont really use it, but around 230
driver - 250 usually, i never go full force

What is your handicap

In my experience, unless someone is a decent golfer their stock yardages are BS. Hitting your max is not the same as your average.

Projection much…?

Tell me you’re a bad golfer without telling me your a bad golfer…

LOL. Im a 15 handicap, I am happy with anything under 90. Not a great golfer by any stretch but better than a lot. People BS about how far they can hit a ball all the time, talk about averaging 300 yds off the tee but dont take into account the times they hit it in the bush, or duff one or re-tee, etc.


Upper 80s now. Used to be around 80 when I played a lot.

Tour players’ average 4-iron shots travel 210 to 220 yards (including the roll).

They can hit 5-iron shots 195 to 205 yards; 6-iron shots 180 to 190 yards; 7-iron shots 165 to 180 yards; 8-iron shots 150 to 170 yards; and 9-iron shots 140 to 155 yards. The average distance for a pitching wedge is 130 to 135 yards; for a sand wedge 115 to 120 yards; and for lob wedges 75 to 95 yards

LMAO you retards are real damn good!

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Lying sumbitches

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